Feed your family in minutes (not hours)

Follow along to create 6 homemade meals in 60 minutes

what you get

What to expect when you snag the meal prep in minutes course

Full Video Demos

Video instruction for how to meal prep the week's meal plan, as well as a demo for putting together each individual recipe from the meal-prep staples

Clicklists and Instacart Lists

Make the grocery shopping process even easier by simply editing these pre-filled onine shopping lists!

1 week meal plan and no-fail meal planning template

An intentional 1-week strategic meal plan for feeding a family homemade meals quickly and efficiently AND a template for replicating your own strategic meal plan.

Meal Prep Schedule

Know exactly what parts of these meals can and should be prepped in advance so weeknight cooking is as it possibly can be.

Grocery Shopping List

Full grocery list to quickly grocery shop and replicate the 1-week meal plan.

Recipe cards (including meal prep instructions)

Tried and true recipes complete with meal prep instructions so you can replicate this meal plan in your home perfectly and quickly!


Most frequent questions and answers

Work through the meal prep in minutes course in about an hour, then try it yourself

This mini-course will show you exactly how to meal prep an example meal plan.  You will be given everything you need to replicate this meal plan.  To learn more about exactly how to meal prep you will likely want the upcoming master mealtime course.

This course will include a brief introduction to meal planning and the planned, prepped, & productive system for meal planning.  It will also include the unique meal planning template for your own use.  You will be briefly instructed on how to use the meal planning template, but for further instruction will want to reference the upcoming master meal-time course

In this course you will be introduced to the planned, prepped, and productive system of meal planning and meal prep.  You will see how this example meal plan is strategically planned to reduce time spent in the kitchen while simultaneously serving your family 1 week’s worth of homecooked meals. You will receive everything you need to replicate this meal plan on your own

This course is designed to be replicated exactly.  I do provide tips for substituting or altering recipes, but not for using your own recipes.  If you are interested in adapting your own recipes to be used in this course, be sure to watch out for the upcoming meal prep in minutes course. 

Put dinner on autopilot and stop the dinnertime dread

Recreate a meal plan that actually makes sense and frees up your time and energy for the things you actually want to do.