What if you could make homemade meals in minutes NOT hours?

Imagine enjoying family-friendly homemade meals in half the time!

Yes, YOU can do it!

It’s 4:00 PM and you still don’t know what you’re making for dinner (again).  Sometime between picking up the  ENTIRE roll of toilet paper strewn through the house and breaking up the 15th fight over who gets to pick the next encanto song, time got away from you. 

It’s not cause you didn’t plan. Heck, you’ve got everything you need to make a meal in the refrigerator but you just don’t have an ounce of energy or brainspace to DO THE THING!

Making dinner with kids is overwhelming.  Like, trying to ride every ride at disneyland before someone has a meltdown overwhelming.

That’s why I’ve put together a follow-along plan that will make you the fastest dinnertime cook in the neighborhood. 

If you find yourself feeling like you want to pull your own hair out all while your toddler pulls all the cans out of the pantry at dinnertime you’re in luck:

A hands-on guide to your first week of meal-prepping your way to delicious meals and stress-free evenings

what you get

What to expect when you snag the meal prep in minutes course


Video instruction for weekly meal prep and 8 individual recipes in meal plan


Example menu for a strategic, family friendly meal plan


Complete grocery list to quickly shop for and replicate the 1-week meal plan


Use to replicate strategic menu planning strategies with your own recipes


Don’t feel crazy on meal prep day, use the schedule to stay efficient and on track


Tried and true recipes complete with meal prep instructions

3 years ago I thought I would never be able to shower before 5 PM ever again, let alone put homemade meals on the table for my family. 

I had the cooking skills, I knew the kinds of meals I wanted to feed my family, but getting those meals on the table with 3 kids under 4 was another story!

I realized that the traditional meal planning and meal prep methods that I’d been using just weren’t gonna cut it anymore. 

So in a rare moment of silence (probably at 2 am) I got to work transforming methods I had already learned as a food-service dietitian into practice for a mom. 

In that lightbulb moment I realized that there IS another way.  I’ve spent the last 3 years perfecting the system (in the spare time I have NOT stressing about dinner) and my life looks totally different!

Now I want to help you master your mealtimes with simple meal planning and meal prep strategies so you have time to do whatcha wanna do instead of being stuck in the kitchen


End dinnertime overwhelm once and for all

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A plan you can follow from the grocery store to the dinner table

Let's answer a few questions you might have

Q: how long will it take to get through the course?

You’ll be able to get through all of the content in the course in 1-2 hours, and then you’ll be able to replicate it yourself!  The “prep day” will take about 1 hour, and then the weekly recipes will come together in just a few minutes on the day you choose to serve them!

Q: Will I learn to meal plan in this course?

This course offers an introduction to meal planning using the strategic planned,  prepped, and productive system!   It will also include a unique meal planning template for your own use.  You will be instructed on how to use this meal planning template.  For further detail on strategic meal planning you’ll want to sign up for the upcoming master mealtime course!

Q: can i use my own recipes in the course?

This particular course is designed to be replicated exactly, though you will be introduced to principles I use in all of my meal plans.  If you want to learn exactly how to apply this knowledge to any recipe you’ll want to wait for the upcoming master mealtime course! 

Q: Will I learn to meal prep in this course?

This mini-course will show you exactly how to meal prep an example meal plan.  You will be given everything you need to replicate this exact plan.  To learn how to apply the method to your own recipes and a more in-depth look at exactly how to meal prep, you’ll want to wait for the upcoming master mealtime course. This will allow you to get your feet wet with meal prep with a lower cost commitment and see if it’s for you!

Q: what exactly can i expect from the course?

Consider this course a tour of my own kitchen and mealtimes.  I will walk you through a one-week meal plan step by step beginning with the grocery shopping and ending with a week’s worth of meals on the table. You will see how this meal plan is strategically organized to save you time in the kitchen and will learn principles you can apply in your own kitchen. 

Put dinner on autopilot and stop the dinnertime dread

Recreate a meal plan that actually makes sense and frees up your time and energy for the things you actually want to do.